Business Analytics Using Python

Module 1: Introduction to Business Analytics

Why Analytics?

Traditional Data Management and Analytical tools

Types of Analytics

Hind sight, ore sight and insight

Dimensions and measures

Module 2: Introduction to Python

Basics of Python

Starting with python interpreter

Control flow statements

List,tuple,Dictionary and other data structures

Lambda with mapper,reduce and filter

List and dictionary comprehension

Module 3: Advanced Concepts Using Python

Writing functions

File operations in python

Error handling and raise exceptions

What is a module?

Sys module and regular expressions

Working with classes

Standard libraries

Module 4: Data science packages in python



pandas and matplotlib



Module 5: Web scraping and Database handling

Scraping Webpages

Beautifulsoup package

Real time project with web scraping

Handling database with python

Module 6: Introduction to Machine learning

What is machine learning?

Introduction to statistics

Types of Learning

Hypothesis space,inductive bias

Evaluation of hypothesis

Module 7: Machine Learning Algorithms

Linear regression algorithm

Decision tree algorithm

Linear regression vs Logistic regression

KNN algorithm

Clustering with k-means

Building models and evalution with Scikit

Module 8: Introduction to Big data

Hadoop ecosystem




Module 9

Case studies