Machine Learning Training Chennai

Python Programming Module

Python Introduction

Datastructures in python

Functions and modules

OOP concepts

regular expressions

File Operations

Data Science Packages


Exploratory Data Analysis using pandas

Machine Learning Modules

Module 1

Introduction to Machine Learning

Introduction to Statistics

Hypothesis Space and Inductive Bias

Data Standardization,Data Normalization,Handling missing values

Evaluation and cross-validation

Hands-On I

Module 2

Linear Regression

Multi linear Regression,Polynomial Regression

Lasso Regression

Ridge Regression

Elastic net Regression

Stochastic Gradient Descent Regression

Decision Trees

Learning Decision Trees


Hands-On II

Module 3

Bayesian Learning

Naive Bayes

Bayesian Network

Python Hands-on for Naive Bayes

Hands-On III

Module 4

k-Nearest Neighbour

Feature Selection

Feature Extraction using Principal Component Analysis

Colloborative Filtering

Python Hands-On for KNN and PCA

Hands-On IV

Module 5

Logistic Regression

Support Vector Machine (SVM)

Dual Formation

Maximum Margin with Noise

Nonlinear SVM and Kernel Function

Solution to the Dual Problem

Python Hands-On for SVM

Module 6

Introduction to Neural Network

Multilayer Neural Network

Neural Network and Backpropagation Algorithm

Deep Neural Network

Python Hands-On for Neural Network

Hands-On VI

Module 7

Computational Learning Theory

Finite Hypothesis Space

VC Dimension

Introduction to Ensembles

Bagging and Boosting

Module 8

Unsupervised Learning(Clustering)

Kmeans Clustering

Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering

DBSCAN Clustering

Hands-On session


Fraud Detection

Churn Analytics

Spam filtering

Market Basket Analysis

Recommendation System