Microstrategy Training

Training in Chennai

Module 1

MicroStrategy Administrator

MicroStrategy Architect

MicroStrategy Desktop

MicroStrategy Intelligence Server

MicroStrategy Office

MicroStrategy Web

Module 2

Data Warehouse Concept

Differences between Transactional and Warehoused Data.

Data Warehouse Architecture.

Logical & Physical Design

Difference between Data Warehouse & Data Mart

Source Data, Staging Data & Target Data

Operational Data Sources (ODS)


Star Schema, Star FLAKE Schema & Snow Flake Schema

Normalization and De-normalization

Meta Data & Data Mining

Module 3

Introduction to MicroStrategy Business Intelligence

The MicroStrategy Platform

MicroStrategy Reporting Terminology

Versions of MicroStrategy Web

Introduction to the MicroStrategy Web Interce

Executing Reports and Documents

Basic Report Manipulators in MicroStrategy Web

Overview of Report Services

Module 4

Project Design Essentials

Designing the Local Data Model

Designing the Data Warehouse Schema

Creating a Project in MicroStrategy Architect

Working with Tables

Working with cts

Working with Attributes

Working with User Hierarchies

Introduction to the Architect Graphical Interce

Module 5

Reporting Essentials Online

Introduction to MicroStrategy Business Intelligence

Introduction to MicroStrategy Desktop

Reports in Desktop

Report Manipulators in Desktop



MicroStrategy OLAP Services in Desktop

Prompts and Searches MicroStrategy Tutorial

Report Developer Tools and Project Preferences

Module 6

Document Essentials Online

Introduction to Report Services

Creating Documents

Document Basics

Document Design Concepts

Documents and MicroStrategy OLAP Services

Document Design Methodology

Useful Design Techniques

Linking from Documents

Multiple Dataset Considerations

Document Performance Considerations

Module 7

Advanced Reporting Online

Introduction to Advanced Reporting

Advanced Metrics

Advanced Filters

Consolidations and Custom Groups

Advanced OLAP Services

Derived Elements

Report Data Options

Drill Maps

Report Developer Tools

MicroStrategy Tutorial

Module 8

Dynamic Dashboards Online

Introduction to Dashboards

Creating Dynamic Dashboards

Flash Mode and Widgets

Designing Multipanel Dashboards

Graphs in Documents Widgets II

Document Performance Considerations

Freeform SQL Essentials Online

Introduction to Freeform SQL Reporting

Creating Freeform SQL Reports

Prompts in Freeform SQL Reports

Advanced Topics for Freeform SQL Reports

Module 9

MicroStrategy Office Essentials Online

Introduction to MicroStrategy Office

Using MicroStrategy Office

Using Advanced Features of MicroStrategy Office

Microstrategy Mobile

Microstrategy Big data analytics training

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