Module 1

Basics in Python to write programs and scripts:

Introduction to programming

Basics of python

Working with python interpreter

can python be used as a calculator?

Control flow statements

Writing functions

List, Tuples, Dictionaries and other data structures

Module 2

Some advanced concepts:

What is a module?

File operations in python

Error handling and raising exceptions

Working with Classes

Standard Libraries

Object oriented programming

Module 3

Web Development in python:



Web scraping

Module 4

Django :

How to install Django

Handling HTTP requests

Working with forms


Class-based views


Managing files

Testing in Django

User authentication in Django

Django’s cache framework

Conditional View Processing

Cryptographic signing

Sending email

Internationalization and localization



Porting to Python 3

Security in Django

Performance and optimization

Serializing Django objects

Django settings

System check framework

External packages

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