Python Training Chennai

Module 1

Basics in Python to write programs and scripts:

Introduction to programming

Basics of python

Working with python interpreter

can python be used as a calculator?

Control flow statements

Writing functions

List, Tuples, Dictionaries and other data structures

Module 2

Some advanced concepts:

What is a module?

File operations in python

Error handling and raising exceptions

Working with Classes

Standard Libraries

Object oriented programming

Module 3

Web Development in python:



Web scraping

Module 4

Django :

How to install Django

Handling HTTP requests

Working with forms


Class-based views


Managing files

Testing in Django

User authentication in Django

Django’s cache framework

Conditional View Processing

Cryptographic signing

Sending email

Internationalization and localization



Porting to Python 3

Security in Django

Performance and optimization

Serializing Django objects

Django settings

System check framework

External packages

Module 1

Introduction to Ab initio

Operating Systems

Hardware Platforms that it supports

Module 2

Products of Ab Initio Software Corporation

The Ab Initio Co-Operating System

Graphical Development Environment (GDE)

The Ab Initio Enterprise Meta Environment (EME)

Module 4

Salient Features of A Initio

Understanding the High Level Architecture of Ab Initio

What is the Anatomy of Running a Job?

What happens when we push the ‘Run’ Button?

Deployment Process

Module 5

Host Process Creation


Process Creation

Component Process Creation

Successful Component Termination

Agent Termination

Host Termination

Module 6

Abnormal Component Termination

How do we Connect from GDE to the Server

Host Profile File (.aih)-Connection, Co-Operating System, Shell & Host Directory

What is Graph Programming? What are the basic parts of an Ab Initio Graph?

Broad Classification of Components

Dataset Components-Program / Computing Components

Data Manipulation Language (DML)

Module 7

Record Formats-DML Expressions-Transform Functions-Key Specifiers

How do we build a basic Ab Initio Graph? Using dat(Data File) & dml(Record Format File) Dataset Components

Input File

Output File

Intermediate File

Lookup file

Editors in the GDE

Record Format Editor-Expression Editor

Transform Editor

Module 8

Key Specifier Editor

Package Editor

Variables Editor

Sequence Specifier Editor

Module 9

Transform Functions

Transform File(xfr)

Functions, Variables, Statements & Rules

Transform Components

Multistage and Advanced Components

Filter by Expression

Module 10

Dedup Sorted






Match Sorted

Module 11


Denormalize Sorted

Lookup Dataset’s & DML Lookup Functions Partition Components


Partition by Key

Partition by Expression

Partition by Percentage

Partition by Range

Partition by Round Robin

Partition with Load Balancing

Module 12

Multifiles and Multidirectories De-partition Components


Gather Interleave


What is Parallelism – Types

Component ||’sm

Pipeline ||’sm-Data ||’sm

Repartitioning – When & Why Layout Implications


Sort within Groups


Partition by Key


Check point Sorted

Working with Databases

Module 13

Introduction Database Configuration File (dbc)

Interactive Database Components (IDB)

Input Table

Output Table


Truncate Table

Update Table

Join with DB

Miscellaneous Components

Redefine Format

Gather Logs


Run Program

Module 14


Deprecated Components

Find Splitters

Compress Components

Compress Uncompress GZip Gunzip

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Components


Testing and Validation of Ab Initio Graphs using Validate Components

Check Order

Compare Records

Validate Records

Generate Records

Generate Random Bytes

Compute Checksum

Compare Checksum

Module 15

Phasing & Checkpointing Reusability Features

Sub graphs Graph Parameters

The Ab Initio Enterprise Meta Environment(EME)

High level anatomy of the EME

Relation to sandbox environment

Checking in your sandbox

Module 16

Checking out a graph or a sandbox

Locking in order to change an object


Common projects

Dependency and Impact analysis

Performance Tuning Ab Initio Graphs

What is Good Performance? Going Parallel Serial Inputs Phases Record Formats and Components Memory Usage Various Tips

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