SAP Business Objects Chennai

Module 1

Understanding BusinessObjects Universes

BusinessObjects universe concepts

Understanding universe development cycle

Module 2

Creating the Basic Universe

Getting started t

create the universe

Module 3

Building the Universe Structure

Create the universe structure

Defining joins in a universe

Module 4

Dimension Objects

Understand classes and objects

Creating classes and objects

Module 5

Measure Objects

Measure object concepts

Creating measure objects

Module 6

Loops in a Universe

Understanding loops concept

Resolving loops using aliases

Resolving loops using contexts

Module 7

Understanding and Resolving SQL Traps

Understanding SQL traps and universes

Detecting and resolving chasm traps

Detecting and resolving fan traps

Module 8

Applying Restrictions on Objects

Restricting the data returned by objects

Module 9

Using functions with Objects

Defining functions


prompt syntax




Module 10


Hierarchies and universes concept

Working with hierarchies

Module 11

Lists of Values

Creating a list of values

Working with LOVs in Universe Designer

Creating a cascading LOV

Module 12

Derived Tables and Indexes

Derived tables concept and its use

Applying index awareness

Module 13

Linking Universes

Linked universe concept

Creating links between universes

Module 14

Universe Access Restrictions

Setting access restrictions on a universe

Module 15

Universe Management

Documenting universes

Deploying universes

Maintaining universes

Module 16

Web Intelligence Introduction

Web Intelligence concepts

Module 17

Creating Web Intelligence Documents with Queries

Creating a new report

Editing Report query

Understanding query properties

Module 18

Restricting Data Returned by a Query

Restricting data with query filters

Predefined query filter

Single value query filter

wildcards in query filters


complex filters

Module 19

Designing Web Intelligence Reports

Working with Web Intelligence documents

Displaying data in tables and charts

Creating tables

Working with tables

Presenting data in free

standing cells

Presenting data in charts

Module 20

Various features of WebI in Reports

Breaks, calculations


Formatting breaks and cross tabs

Report filters

Ranking data t

see top or bottom values

Tracking data changes

Using alerters t

highlight information

Organizing a report int


Copying data t

other applications

Module 21

Formatting Reports

Formatting documents

Formatting charts

Module 22

Calculating Data with Formulas and Variables

Explaining formulas and variables

Using formulas and variables

Module 23

Using Multiple Data Sources

Synchronizing data from multiple data sources

Creating multiple queries in a document

Synchronizing data with merged dimensions

Using a personal data provider

Module 24

Analyzing Data

Analyzing the data cube

Drilling in Web Intelligence documents

Setting Web Intelligence drill options

Module 25

Managing and Sharing Web Intelligence Documents

Exporting documents t

the CMS Managing documents in InfoView

Viewing a Web Intelligence document in InfoView

Sharing Web Intelligence documents

Setting InfoView preferences

Web Intelligence report panels