Python tutorial type

Here, we are presenting the basic elements from python in slide process. In step by step procedure, they are all shown in given below slides.  Python training in chennai @Geoinsyssoft

Best Python Training in Chennai
Module 1

  • Basics in Python to write programs and scripts:
  • Introduction to programming
  • Basics of python
  • Working with python interpreter
  • can python be used as a calculator?
  • Control flow statements
  • Writing functions
  • List, Tuples, Dictionaries and other data structures

Module 2 (Python training in chennai)

  • Some advanced concepts:
  • What is a module?
  • File operations in python
  • Error handling and raising exceptions
  • Working with Classes
  • Standard Libraries
  • Object oriented programming

Module 3

  • Web Development in python:
  • Flask
  • Web scraping